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DANCE FOR PARALYSIS | A Philanthropic Project to benefit The Thomas E. Smith Foundation

Our Story

Dance For Paralysis was founded by Thomas Smith at a concert in April 2011. While attending this show, Thomas was enjoying himself but realized while being the so-called “elephant in the room” he could not dance like his fellow concertgoers. At that moment, Dance For Paralysis was born. Thomas and Team Cure Paralysis are committed to raising money by working with different elements of the entertainment industry to help those living with paralysis. All members would like to thank you for your support and together, we will find a CURE for paralysis!


Our Mission

Team Cure Paralysis is committed to providing state of the art equipment and resources necessary to enhance the mobility and access to the daily world of all persons, regardless of the extent of individual needs. Our team is also committed to the integrity, dedication, responsibilities, and empathy that guarantee all persons the maximum mobility during their lifetime. No person should ever be denied maximum mobility because of financial status and that is what our members’ honor and stand for.


Our Goals

  • Team Cure Paralysis sees music as a motivator that can help those with paralysis enjoy life, as well as continue to do therapy until a cure is found.
  • Because music is a universal language we want to educate the public about the paralysis community by using concerts and shows as the primary vehicle to connect with our audience.
  • In addition to raising awareness, we raise funds to financially assist the paralysis community in finding a cure for paralysis.
  • And when we find a cure for paralysis, which we will, we want to have the entire paralysis community come join us for the dance of a lifetime!


Dance For Paralysis X Krewella X Electric Family Donation 

DFP with LaNyia Johnson

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Worcester, MA: On April 29th, 2014, Dance For Paralysis proudly traveled to the home of LaNyia Johnson, a highly motivated and inspiring 19-year old who is working hard to recover from a spinal cord injury. LaNyia Johnson was just 13 when he was hit by a stray bullet while sitting on the couch at his aunt’s house. An innocent victim of the Worcester, MA shooting, LaNyia was hit in the spine and is paralyzed from the waist down as a result.

The visit to the Johnson home in Worcester was earmarked as a special day for the Dance For Paralysis, as co-founders Thomas Smith and Tucker Mullin were joined by Krewella’s Yasmine and Jahan Yousaf. Having joined forces through the Dance for Paralysis partnership earlier this year, Krewella is committed to raising awareness and funding for the paralysis community, recently raising over $17,000 from the proceeds of their Electric Family Artist Series Collaboration bracelet.

From the onset of his injury, LaNyia has proven to be a very positive young man and has provided encouragement to others facing similar hardships. LaNyia and his family are committed to his recovery and they collectively embrace chasing more progress and mobility, and their efforts are extremely impressive. Along with his parents, Marcy and Eric Johnson, LaNyia is a true believer that miracles do happen and refuses to accept the diagnosis from doctors that he will never walk again.

Well, they are not alone.

Thomas E. Smith Foundation co-founder Thomas Smith has suffered 2 separate paralyzing accidents and was told after both accidents that his chances of ever walking again were slim-to-none.  Dan Cummings, founder of Journey Forward, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of those who have suffered a Spinal Cord Injury through an intense exercise program, was told the same after his paralyzing accident.  Both men are now walking with assistive devices and have created programs where their mission is not to help patients learn how to become comfortable in their wheelchair, but rather help them restore daily living functions and get back on their feet.

In 2008 LaNyia became one of the first patients at Journey Forward when the doors opened, and has since become a fixture at the facility as one of their hardest working and determined individuals. Located in Canton, MA, Journey Forward is housed in a 10,000-square-foot facility where 65 clients spend one to nine hours each week using leg presses and TheraStride machines along with dynamic neural stimulation and vibration training to reach their goals. Journey Forward is an cutting edge therapeutic program designed to assist those with Spinal Cord Injuries.

To honor LaNyia’s commitment, dedication and positivity, Dance For Paralysis and Krewella are extremely happy to provide LaNyia with his very own $15,200 FES Bike; a vital component of the therapy program employed at Journey Forward. Working alongside Dan Cummings, Dance For Paralysis determined that the purchase of the FES Bike would allow LaNyia additional time to focus on more dynamic movements when on site at Journey Forward, while continuing to make progress on his own at home.

The day spent in Worcester was a significant beginning to the powerful collaborative partnership between Dance for Paralysis and Krewella, a truly amazing group that firmly believes that, “every time we go on stage, we will stand and dance for those with paralysis. We believe that by working with our Krew that our efforts will help get people out of wheelchairs and back dancing again!” says Jahan of Krewella. “We fell in love with the Foundation’s mission because we can donate money on an individual basis and directly help those suffering from paralysis,” says Yasmine of Krewella.

On behalf of the entire Krewella X Dance For Paralysis X Electric Family team, we thank you for your support! 

Krewella-Dance For Paralysis Electric family bracelet




We are extremely proud to announce the Dance For Paralysis x Krewella x Electric Family bracelet as our first philanthropic project to benefit paraplegics and quadriplegics around the world. 100% of the proceeds from each bracelet will be donated directly to Dance For Paralysis. A special thank you to Krewella, Electric Family and the entire TH3RD BRAIN team!

“Every time we go on stage, we will stand and dance for those with paralysis. We believe that by working with our Krew that our efforts will help get people out of wheelchairs and back dancing again!” says Jahan of Krewella. “We fell in love with the Foundation’s mission because we can donate money on an individual basis and directly help those suffering from paralysis,” says Yasmine of Krewella.

“All parties involved strongly believe that by working together, we will become an international beacon of hope for those living with paralysis. Our goal is to provide the proper medical resources for those with paralysis so that one day they can join us for a dance” says Thomas Smith.

“The Electric Family bracelet will be the first endeavor of many that we will build together in an effort to help find a cure for paralysis. Tom’s story is an inspiration and his success dealing with paralysis gives hopes to paraplegics everywhere,” says manager Jake Udell.

Electric Family is an EDM lifestyle brand that allows artists to support their charity of choice through a custom artist series bracelet. Co-founder of Electric Family, Steve Brudzewski, says “It is our mission, along with Krewellas’, to show the world that together we can make a significant impact improving the lives of others.”

Team Cure ParalysisKrewella and Electric Family, as well as the entire paralysis community thank you for your support!